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Investigating Amyloid Fibril‐Protein Interactions and Their Impact on Neuroinflammation

This HALRIC pilot project investigates the intricate process of protein interactions in Parkinson’s disease (PD) by studying a phenomenon called the “protein corona” (PC) formed around clumps of proteins known as Amyloid fibrils (AF). These AFs are associated with the development of PD and can interact with various proteins in the brain and blood, potentially influencing disease progression. The lack of insights into interacting proteins hinders progress in diagnosis, treatment, and interventions.

To achieve this, the cross-border research team, with members from Denmark and Sweden, brings together expertise in protein biophysics, neurology, mass spectrometry analysis, and zebrafish research facilities. These diverse skills allow the team to comprehensively study the interaction between AFs and proteins found in brain tissue, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), and blood plasma samples from both healthy individuals and PD-diagnosed patients.

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) focuses on capturing and profiling the PC formed around AFs from samples obtained from Bispebjerg Hospital (BH). Expertise in quantitative and clinical proteomics at Lund University (LU) is further enhancing the researchers’ understanding of the protein interactions involved in PD. Additionally, the collaborative efforts extend to Aarhus University (AU), with the utilization of zebrafish embryos as a model organism to study neuroinflammation processes in real-time.

Through this interdisciplinary approach and leveraging internationally recognized infrastructure and expertise, the pilot project aims to unravel the complex interplay between polymorphic AFs, the protein corona, and neuroinflammation in PD. Ultimately, the findings hold significant potential for advancing the development of novel therapies and diagnostic strategies for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.

For further information about this HALRIC pilot project, please contact:

Hossein Mohammad‐Beigi
DTU Bioengineering

Starting date:
01 Apr, 2024

Research infrastructures:

  • BioMS
  • Bispebjerg BrainBank
  • Zebrafish Facility at AU

HALRIC partners:

  • DTU
  • Aarhus University (AU)
  • Bispebjerg Hospital (BH)
  • Lund University (LU)

Project participants:

  • Alexander K. Buell (DTU)
  • Claus Oxvig (AU)
  • Hossein Mohammad‐Beigi (DTU)
  • Jonas Folke (BH)
  • Lotta Happonen (LU)
  • Susana Aznar (BH)
  • Yuya Hayashi (AU)