Date:16 Nov
Time:12.00 - 13.00
Venue:Medicon Village, The Spark buildin, Bistro Merge, Scheletorget 1, Lund


Empowering Industrial Utilization of Research Infrastructures (RIs)

Building upon the insights shared during the Science for Breakfast event on November 14, Saromics Biostructures and SmiLe Incubator will delve deeper into the significance of Research Infrastructures. They will be sharing their industrial experiences during this Science for Lunch session at HALRIC partner Medicon Village Innovation. Come and find out more about:

  • HALRIC as a gateway to Research Infrastructures, with valuable insight for companies on accessing Research Infrastructures and collaborating in pilot projects.
  • Experiences from three life science SMEs when it comes to accessing synchrotron beamlines.
  • How state-of-the-art infrastructures enable high-resolution protein structure analysis through X-ray crystallography techniques


12:00 Welcome on behalf of HALRIC by Medicon Village.
12:10 Per Brunmark – SmiLe Incubator:
Startup Insights on Infrastructure Utilization
12:30 Derek Logan – Saromics Biostructures:
Leveraging X-ray Crystallographic Data Through Advanced Infrastructures
12.50 Q&A and mingling