Pilot Projects

HALRIC Cross-Border Pilot Projects

The HALRIC partnership works to connect researchers, the know-how, and the complementary research infrastructures of the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak-Hamburg (ÖKS-Hamburg) region to create a hub for Life Science research and innovation, which is at the forefront globally.

Between 2023-2026 the project consortium aims to fund 75 pilot projects with the following purpose:

  1. Accelerate the use of strategic research infrastructures in the ÖKS-Hamburg region by industry, hospitals, and universities.
  2. Connect researchers and research infrastructures within the ÖKS-Hamburg region.

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What HALRIC funds

  • Financial support, in the form of reimbursement of employment costs, can be awarded to the following organizations: Aarhus University, DESY, DTU, EMBL, ESS, European XFEL, Hamburg Universität, Lund University, Malmö University, MAX IV, Rigshospitalet, Skåne University Hospital, University of Copenhagen, University of Oslo, and Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf.
  • Collaboration constellations that include industry and/or clinics are strongly encouraged.
  • Projects must be related to the use of at least one life science research infrastructure at one of the HALRIC partner organizations in the ÖKS-Hamburg region.
  • The project should generally be around six months long and be of a cross-border nature. Other durations or constellations require explicit motivation.

How we process applications

Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis until 30 September 2025.
Upcoming deadlines are:
17 September 2024
28 November 2024

We encourage you to read the full description in the call text, which you can download from the grey box.

In order to fulfill the requirements for a complete application, all relevant documents must be filled out:

  1. The application form
  2. Pilot project budget form

The forms can be downloaded from the grey box and the applications should be submitted by email in one searchable pdf file to info@halric.eu

How we review the applications

Received applications will be assessed with regards to the formal requirements, and may also be pre-evaluated by local reference groups at the involved partner organizations.

Final evaluation and decisions on proposals will be taken by the HALRIC pilot project committee (please refer to the right-side box for committee members).

The reviewers will consider each of the six review criteria:

  • cross-border collaboration
  • new project constellation
  • industry and/or hospital partner
  • feasibility
  • innovation potential
  • the use of more than one infrastructure

Tips for preparing your application

Before starting to write an application, you are strongly encouraged to contact a HALRIC Cross-Border Ambassador who will be happy to explain the eligibility criteria, discuss your project proposal or assist you in finding a suitable match for your application.

On the event page you can also view the recording from a zoom information meeting where Emanuel Larsson explains how to apply for the cross-border pilot projects.

Post-award phase

If your pilot project benefits from travelling between partners and/or Research Infrastructures there is a possibility to inquire travel budget from your own partner organization, if it is one of the eligible organizations within HALRIC. For further information, see Appendix 1 in the call text.

Recipients of funding will be required to submit a report. A template for the report is available in the grey box on this web page and must be used. The report should be completed no later than one month after ended project and sent to the project management at info@halric.eu to confirm completion of the project.

Manuscripts that are published as a result of the HALRIC pilot project collaboration should include the following acknowledgement:

We acknowledge the funding by the EU Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak project ‘Hanseatic Life Science Research Infrastructure Consortium’ (HALRIC)

HALRIC Pilot Project call text

HALRIC application form

Download Pilot Project Budget Form

Download HALRIC employment declaration

Download template for final reporting

Download Guide to interpret EU State Aid rules

HALRIC Pilot Project Committee

Götz Thomalla
University Medical Center

Gregers Rom Andersen
Aarhus University

Johanna Hakanpää

Kajsa M. Paulsson
Lund University

Magnus Larsson

Sarah Lidé
Medicon Village

Stefan Volk Jovinge
Skåne University Hospital

Stephan Bouman
Medicon Valley Alliance