Pilot Projects

Approved Projects

Here you can find a list of HALRIC pilot projects. More projects will be added to the list as they are approved.


Exploring X-ray tomographic microscopy in severe autoimmune asthma, to identify lung structures and assess treatment

DANFIX |XRTM at DTU Physics and LU

Bispebjerg Hospital (BH) |Lund University (LU) |Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Investigating Amyloid Fibril‐Protein Interactions and Their Impact on Neuroinflammation

BioMS |Bispebjerg BrainBank |Zebrafish Facility at AU

DTU |Aarhus University (AU) |Bispebjerg Hospital (BH) |Lund University (LU)

Probing Pea Protein Digestion Dynamics: A Multiscale Exploration addressing allergenicity potentials

EMBL Hamburg (DESY) |MAX IV Laboratory

Malmö University |Lund University

Targeting aquaporins as breast cancer therapeutics


Aarhus University |Lund University |Apoglyx AB (Industry Partner)

Feasibility of using Micro–CT to optimize surgical precision in oral cancer

MAX IV Laboratory |DTU Micro-CT |DTU Compute

Rigshospitalet |Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Unraveling Molecular Structures for Anti-Amyloid Drug Development with Synchrotron-based Spectroscopy

Medical Microspectrocopy Lab, MMS |Synchroton ISA |CoSAXS at MAX IV

Lund University |Aarhus University |Strominnate Therapeutics (Industry Partner)

Advancing cellular infection models in the search for new antibiotics

Center for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) |HYPERMAG at DTU

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) |University of Hamburg (UHH) |JD Coils (Industry Partner)

HALRIC Pilot Project PP03

Decipher protease zymogen activation to enable stroke therapy

Danish National cryo-EM facility (EMBION)

Aarhus University |University of Oslo

Spatial proteomic profiling of cardiovascular tissues

BioMS |Core Facility for Integrated Microsopy (CFIM)

Lund University |Skåne University Hospital |University of Copenhagen