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Unraveling Molecular Structures for Anti-Amyloid Drug Development with Synchrotron-based Spectroscopy

This project focuses on drug discovery in the context of protein aggregation mechanisms linked to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In collaborating with Prof. Jan Skov Pedersen from Aarhus University (AU), the Klementieva group at Lund University plan to examine how dendrimers, nonlinear polymers, bind amyloid proteins. The the ultimate goal is to find a formulation of dendrimers that will protect neurons against amyloid toxicity.

The methodology involves infrared spectroscopy (Klementieva group, Medical Microspectrocopy Lab, MMS), circular dichroism (synchrotron ISA, Aarhus, Denmark), small-angle X-ray scattering (MAXIV, Co-SAXS, and Jan Skov Pedersen Lab), and transmission electron microscopy (LBIC) to analyze the structures of dendrimers in the presence of amyloids.

Anticipated outcomes include the development of molecular and polymer-based models of dendrimers, which will guide efforts to enhance the specificity of dendrimers for targeting amyloids. That will help to advance the understanding of the interaction between dendrimers and amyloids, ultimately contributing to the manipulation of dendrimers’ neuroprotective properties.

For further information about this HALRIC pilot project, please contact:

Oxana Klementieva,
Lund University

Starting date:
01 Nov, 2023

Research infrastructures:

  • Medical Microspectrocopy Lab, MMS
  • Synchroton ISA
  • CoSAXS at MAX IV

HALRIC partners:

  • Lund University
  • Aarhus University
  • Strominnate Therapeutics (Industry Partner)

Project participants:

  • Carl Troein, LU
  • Jan Skov Pedersen, AU
  • Oxana Klementieva, LU
  • Radhika Thakore, LU
  • Tania Ramos Moreno, ST