Hanseatic Science Cloud

The Hanseatic Science Cloud (HSC) is developing a prototype cloud solution for the management, handling, and analysis of large and complex data sets from Research Infrastructures in the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (ÖKS)-Hamburg Region. It builds on the expertise from HALRIC partners, while also ensuring interoperability with other European initiatives, such as PaNOSC, Elixir and EOSC.

In HALRIC, we are convinced that the pace of innovation can increase significantly by making compute resources and acquired datasets available, regardless of their locations.  The HSC solution will first be made available for use and testing in HALRIC pilot projects, which will contribute to improving cross-border accessibility of the Research Infrastructures in the ÖKS-Hamburg Region.

The easy-to-use analysis resource with sustainable secure access to datasets

Leveraging the full innovation potential of the ÖKS-Hamburg area

  • Uniform entry point.
  • Easy and secure cross-border access.
  • Offering tools for the analysis of, access to, and collaboration on data.

The Ambition is that the HSC will


  • Provide users with immediate access to produced data.
  • Provide access to data wherever it was produced.
  • Provide access to analysis tools with adequate computational power.

Ensures sustainability in several aspects

  • Financial – providing means of sustainable funding for resource providers.
  • Environmental – leveraging existing resources, minimizing travel.
  • Equality – providing resource on the terms of the users.
  • Inherent adherence to the FAIR-principles.

For further information about the HSC, please contact info@halric.eu.