Date:30 Jan
Venue:Online-only via Zoom


LINXS Guest Webinar: Protein and peptide self-assembling biomaterials – from structural biology to biomaterials design with Anna Mitraki

Prof. Anna Mitraki will discuss the wider/general applicability of fibrous folds and self-assembling peptides through merging insights ranging from theoretical and structural knowledge to bioengineering principles towards applications.

Prof. Mitraki holds a BS in Chemistry from University in Thessaloniki, Greece and a PhD in Biochemistry from Universite de Paris-Sud, France. As a chemist and biochemist, she has been working for more then 30 years on the folding assembly and structure of natural fibrous proteins, such as phage P22 tailspikes and adenovirus fibers. She subsequently got interested in using them as models for the design of novel fibrous materials. She is also particularly interested in translating fundamental structural knowledge from natural fibrous proteins into concrete integration strategies and applications in the area of fibrous bio-nanomaterials.

Since September 2014, she is a Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Technology, University of Crete, Greece.