Date:29 Nov
Time:09:30 - 15:00
Venue:LINXS, Scheelevägen 19, Lund, Sweden


Mini-symposium: Structure, function and dynamics of macro-molecular complexes


09:00–09:45 Registration, Tea/Coffee

Session 1 (Chair, Cyril Dominguez)

09:45–10:00 Introduction

10:00–10:30 Prof. John Schwabe (Leicester): Challenges in visualizing the interaction of chromatin with histone deacetylase complexes

10:30–11:00 Prof. Susanna Horsefield (Lund): Single particle cryo-EM structure of a transient complex involved in membrane protein targeting to multivesicular bodies

11:00–11:30 Tea/Coffee break

Session 2 (Chair: TBA)

11:30–12:00 Prof. Andrew Hudson (Leicester): Using the circadian clock to uncover fundamental haem biology

12:00–12:30 Prof. Marie Skepö (Lund): Intrinsically disordered proteins: From bulk solution to interaction with surfaces

 12:30–13:00 Prof. Cyril Dominguez (Leicester): Structural investigation of protein-RNA interactions involved in alternative splicing

13:00–14:00 Lunch

Session 3 (Chair: TBA)

14:00–14:30 Prof. Thomas Schalch (Leicester): Ubiquitin and its role in molecular mechanisms governing gene expression

14:30–15:00 Prof. Mikael Akke (Lund): Resolving Protein–Ligand Binding Pathways by NMR Relaxation

15:00–17:00 Christmas Mingle (for more information: