Date:28 Sep
Time:8.00 - 17.00
Venue:Lund University,“Forum Medicum” (BMC-E), Sölvegatan 19, Lund, Sweden


SciLifeLab Day Lund

Organised by SciLife Lab in Lund

The event will be held at the new building for the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University “Forum Medicum”. The event offers an opportunity to get in touch with local and national stakeholders from SciLifeLab and it is an occasion to network, explore collaborations, and get inspired to continue to bring Sweden to the forefront of Molecular Life Sciences research!

The day will be divided in three sessions and you can also view the full programme here: SciLifeLab Day in Lund

Session 1: Introducing SciLifeLab to Lund. An introduction to SciLifeLab as a national infrastructure and to some of its services, as well as an introduction to SciLifeLab Lund and to some key local actors like the healthcare sector and nationally relevant infrastructures (like MAX IV and ESS).

Session 2: Paired talks. In this session the organisers will pair a SciLifeLab research unit representative with a success story from a user of said unit, this section will also include talks from DDLS Fellows in Lund and a Q&A moderated by WCMM Fellows.

Session 3: Posters & Capabilities. The organisors will allow some time to explore the posters presented at the event, and to learn about the three cross-platform capabilities at SciLifeLab (Precision
Medicine, Planetary Biology, and Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness) in parallel sessions.

The SciLifeLab Day in Lund will also be accompanied by plenty of possibilities to network and mingle, plus a few surprises!

Find out more and register on the event page:  SciLifeLab Day Lund