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Ingegerd Wirehed Appointed new Head of the Hanseatic Science Cloud

Jun 25, 2024

In August 2024 Ingegerd Wirehed is taking over from Anders Sjöström as the new head of the Hanseatic Science Cloud (HSC). With over 25 years of experience in digital, security, and senior leadership roles across global telecommunications, retail, banking and pharmaceutical sectors, Wirehed brings a wealth of expertise to the role.

Anders Sjöström, who has led the HSC to its current stage and position in the previous HALOS project and now HALRIC, will remain an adviser to the group. Reflecting on his tenure, Sjöström comments, “It has been truly enjoyable and challenging to lead HSC this far, but I believe that we could not have found anyone more suitable to take over than Ingegerd. My new role is to coordinate the Nordic part of the development of the EOSC node, one of the EU’s initiatives to facilitate research by providing computational resources, storage, and data access to researchers across the EU. The goal for the EOSC node is not unlike what we have for HSC, and I see that the two projects will benefit from each other in the future. So, I look forward to following HSC and HALRIC and will also attend the conference in Hamburg in September.”

For the past five years, Ingegerd has served as a strategic information security leader at Lund University, collaborating with faculties, researchers, infrastructures, and management, among others, as well as with other Swedish and European academic and public institutions. Her areas of expertise lie in information/cyber security, risk management, and IT. Furthermore, Ingegerd has successfully developed teams and implemented business and IT services, as well as information security, risk, and awareness programs in complex, agile, and multicultural organizations.

“I am excited to join HALRIC’s Hanseatic Science Cloud and I look forward to meeting the team and wider project at the conference in Hamburg on 24-25 September. I also look forward to work on the next steps in our work package three and to have HALRIC pilot projects use our science cloud solution,” says Ingegerd Wirehed.

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